Sunday, December 29, 2013

nsquared presenter for iPhone

download nsquared presenter for iPhone form the App Store

As a seasonal gift from nsquared we are happy to offer you the iPhone version of nsquared presenter for free.
With nsquared presenter for iPhone you can send images and movies directly to your digital tables, touch screens and presentation screens that are running nsquared presenter.
iPhone 5s running nsquared presenter
iPhone 5s running nsquared presenter
Download nsquared presenter for iPhone from here.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You can send content from your iPad to nsquared presenter screens

The Apple iPad is found in many meeting rooms being clutched by individuals as their life support systems. The iPad contains their email, calendar, and a range of other important business documents. Yet in a meeting the iPad represents an isolating and personal device. With nsquared presenter digital tables, interactive touch screens and presentation screens can display content from an iPad to be shared with the group for discussion.
Here some examples of how people are using nsquared presenter and iPads:

  • A sales person keeps a range of product images on their iPad and shares the relevant images on a digital table with customers as required.
  • A sales team collates ideas from their personal devices to a digital table to create a new presentation.
  • Students collect research materials on their iPads and then gather around their digital table in the library to create group projects. 
  • A teacher shares question sheets from their iPad to the digital table for a group of students to discuss and answer.
  • A designer shares sketches from their iPad with clients around a touch table.
  • A project team share progress reports from their iPads to the digital table in their meeting room in their weekly status meetings.

Sharing content from iPad to digital tables using nsquared presenter

Monday, December 16, 2013

We are growing again!

With more and more digital tables being loved by our customers we are growing our team again. We need a salesperson and a graduate developer to join our team.
If you are looking for a challenging new role in a team that is intent on putting shared screen technology in more places then please get in touch.
We are recruiting a junior developer to help us with development of vision based solutions using technologies such as kinect.
We are also looking for an energetic young sales person that can help our team with customer interactions, product demonstrations and closing deals.

Both of our new team members will need be Australian citizens or hold Australian Permanent residency visas.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in joining nsquared please send us a cover letter and your resume to

Monday, December 9, 2013

You can load PowerPoint files with nsquared thoughts

PowerPoint files are everywhere in the workplace. PowerPoint is used to describe the financial position of a company, the sales pitch for a product, the concept for a new project, and countless other scenarios. With nsquared thoughts you can load those PowerPoint slide decks directly onto your digital table and annotate them as a group. Here some examples of how people are using nsquared thoughts and PowerPoint files:
  1. A sales team discusses how to improve existing presentations around their touch table.
  2. A sales person presents ideas to clients, the clients get involved with directly annotating the slides themselves
  3. A project team incorporates slides from a PowerPoint deck into a conversation involving other sketches on their digital table.
  4. A management team uses slides from their company vision PowerPoint deck to determine the validity of new project proposals.
  5. A financial team uses PowerPoint slides to discuss the quarterly results of their company subsidiaries at their digital table.
  6. An investment team discusses the different pitches they have heard each week and display the PowerPoint slides from each pitch on their table.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Introducing "Bet You Didn't Know"

A weekly segment that goes more in depth to the functionality and capabilities of nsquared software. Keeping you in touch with your digital table and helping you to get more from your interactive, shared experience.

“Bet You Didn’t Know” will introduce you to all the latest application releases, newest features, updates, bug fixes, as well give you a comfortable familiarity with your nsquared admin portal.

Learn how you can WOW colleagues, co-workers, customers and clients with your leading edge skills.

Stay in tune and in touch and turn that Bet you Didn’t into a Bet you Did! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Reasons Why Libraries Love Digital Tables

At nsquared we believe that technology can sometimes be very isolating, focusing too much on attention on personal, single user devices. 

We are creating a future where shared screen technology will become part of communal spaces. These spaces will be enhanced with interfaces like digital tables to create shared experiences. 

Since we started selling software for digital tables 5 years ago we have seen a steady adoption of digital tables in local libraries. The libraries are using the digital tables as way of bringing people from the community together, to learn, explore information and collaborate. We have put together a couple of case studies of libraries around world, you can read how Sunnyvale public library is using their digital table, to engage children, and find out what Toowoomba City Library is doing with their table to engage the community.

Libraries love digital tables because they:

1. Enrich visitor interactions

2. Bring people together with digital content

3. Encourage collaborative learning and exploration

4. Provide and interactive display of library information & services

5. Meet the future technology needs of their community

Digital tables such as the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense bring people together to communication, collaborate and connect - it is the most advanced, immersive experience of digital communication. 

Find out more information on innovative local libraries by checking our our latest newsletter here or emailing us at 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tricks & Treats - New Halloween Theme

New Halloween Theme!

For the month of October we have jumped straight into the Halloween spirit. With All Hallow's Eve just around the corner, our team have unleashed a new set of 17 new Halloween themed assets guaranteed to thrill and excite. 

“These spooky words will scare your socks off! Celebrate this Halloween by learning to spell all the beasts and ghouls you might see in the night. Trick or Treat!” - how could you resist? 

You can now download these in-app Halloween content packs from three of our FREE Windows 8 education applications,

A multi-user game that teaches object recognition and basic counting. The game offers both competitive and collaborative opportunities. Players win points for collecting the correct number of required objects.

This structured educational game will help students learn object recognition and differentiation, and improve their recall and spelling.

This turn-taking memory game requires students to match overturned cards. Only two cards may be turned over at any one time in attempt to find a matching pair.

Join the spooky spirit today and download these fun content packs!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Story, Our Goal

nsquared is a leading edge development company that specialises in creating multi-user, massive multi-touch software for digital tables. We pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd by delivering unique, innovative and highly functional off-the-shelf products. Our customers can be found across a wide variety of vertical market sectors and backgrounds.

We have one ambitious, straightforward goal; to get people talking and collaborating together again to move the world forward, by putting digital tables everywhere. 

Our goal motivates us to design and build robust applications that work seamlessly in 360 degree, collaborative environments across a variety of platforms. We already have a number of amazing, forward thinking clients in business, education, government and hospitality that are embracing the vision and using our products to enhance and improve their spaces.

Each of our products is thoughtfully designed to stimulate conversation, encourage collaboration and create deep, long-lasting connections with people. Our customers recognize this and choose us because our software empowers them with the tools that make their content more meaningful.

nsquared is Australia’s only Microsoft Premier Partner for PixelSense and one of seven Premier Partners around the globe. nsquared has an extensive global footprint and our software can be found across the world in the Unites States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Get ahead of the curve and ask us how nsquared products can take your organization to the cutting edge today. Email us -  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bringing Minority Report to Your Meeting Room

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when we explain what we do is, “You mean like Minority Report?”, our response is usually mixed.
When Minority Report came out in 2002, it set a precedent for the concept of future computing. In this scene, Tom Cruise is seen depicting manipulating digital content on an interactive screen through a series of remote hand gestures.
As we work with leading edge technology we often become associated with films such as this, which is great because it provides an initial context, but the interactive gesture computing we do is not science fiction.
At nsquared we believe the future of computing is in digital tabletop solutions. In the next few years digital tables will be found in common meeting space areas. We are excited by this vision and our goal to make this technology a practical reality and bring businesses into the future.
Our multi-touch, multi-user products are cutting edge and many of our customers are beginning to implement our solutions to improve their meeting spaces. Take for example, nsquared presenter allows you to creatively collaborate and deliver presentations using all the devices you find in a meeting room.
Read here how international property group, Longton is using nsquared presenter to impress clients during sales presentations.
While Minority Report was a creative work of fiction, the truth is technology like it is available today and is already being used by forward thinking organizations that want to take their businesses to the next level.
If would like to learn how you can take your meeting room to new heights email us at

Monday, September 23, 2013

Free PDF Download - An Introduction to Digital Tables

Over the last couple of weeks we continue to be asked the key questions,  “what’s a digital table?” and “why do we need one”?

The demand and interest in digital tables is evident and increasing. From local libraries, to real estate agencies, to modern business boardrooms, it’s great to see how individuals and organizations are thinking forward and realizing the true value of creating a digitized, collaborative meeting space.

We have been working with digital tables since 2007 and are passionate about using technology that supports true “social” face to face communication. Digital tables, or digitables, provide a unified multi-user experience that enriches conversation and engagement.

To assist those considering enhancing their spaces, we have taken the time to put together a simple PDF document.

This FREE PDF document contains everything you should consider when implementing a digital table including,

- Number of touch points required – Find out what will give you a premium experience
- Screen Size and orientation – What’s best fit for your environment?
- Lighting – Is the hardware suitable?
- Multi-User Software - How do you enable multiple people to interact? What outcomes do you want to achieve?

And more!
If you have more questions regarding digital table solutions for your space, get in contact with us today. Email us directly at

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A new, social way to explore the world

There is no rest to be had here in the nsquared studio, we have been busy working away on our latest multi-user, multi-touch application.

Introducing nsquared maps, a new, social way to explore the world!

This unique multi-user application allows for teams to gather around a digital table such as the Samsung SUR40 or Microsoft Perceptive Pixel screen and work with maps together.

nsquared maps features an individual map for each person. Each map can be easily resized or rotated with intuitive hand gestures. When you find a map you wish to keep, simply save the map for loading at a later date. You can even annotate maps with shapes and freehand drawing, plot routes, add your own pins, and import geo feeds.

This premium multi-touch application enables more fluid, meaningful conversation within the team. No need to look over small mobile screens or tablets, or turn your back to an audience to by referring to a vertical screen -  work together in a 360 degree, tabletop environment to view and annotate digital maps together. Team members can contribute to the discussion by bringing up their own individual maps, such as a company location, emergency reports or news source on the same screen. Communication becomes effortless, more impactful and faster as peers can easily see what their colleagues are wanting to share across the screen.

-          Individual maps can be brought up for each user
-          Resize, reorient and rotate maps on the table
-          Draw freehand, Import GEO feeds, drop pins, plot routes,
-          Save and share maps
-          Point of Interest searches (eg. Effiel Tower, Statue of Liberty)

-          Enable and enhance collaboration
-          Social way to explore virtual maps
-          Use data from external feeds for better planning and learning
-          Create, save and re-load maps for quick viewing

Ideal for
-          Emergency Planning Centres
-          Business Meeting rooms
-          Schools, Universities, Libraries and Museums
-          Real Estate Offices

If you are interested in learning more about this application, feel free to send us an email at or call us on +61 2 9262 3386.

Find out about our latest products and services by subscribing to our nsquared newsletter.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

nsquared in Ibiza!

Today’s nsquared blog post comes to you from the sandy, holiday beaches of Ibiza.

nsquared was recently approached by Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa to provide software for their Samsung SUR40 units. In particular, the client was looking for an innovative, easy-to-use solution to help them increase their brand awareness and create a unique, memorable holiday experience for their guests. 

Multiple SUR40 units were deployed, situated in the lobby area of the brand new Ushuaia Tower Hotel and in the exclusive Presidential suite.

To enhance the resort's guest experiences with the digital tables, nsquared was able to offer a range of our off-the-shelf applications nsquared minesweeper, nsquared treasure hunter, nsquared spacelanes, nsquared 21 and nsquared jigsaw. Grand Palladium further embellished their nsquared applications through the use of the nsquared admin tool. Our unique admin tool empowers companies to upload their branded videos and images to display on the tabletops. 

Grand Palladium Palace Client and Project Manager, Kamal Rifai, expressed his appreciation to the nsquared team,

Thank you for your help Dr Neil and special thanks to Mitan. He was very helpful and very knowledgeable and thanks to him we have developed top of the notch solutions

As the technological landscape changes, forward-thinking companies like Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa are embracing new technologies that enrich guest interaction.

For more information on nsquared products please contact +61 2 9262 3386 or email

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Increase customer engagement with nsquared media viewer

Here at nsquared we develop beautifully crafted Kinect for Windows applications that are available for purchase today and customizable with your own content. 

One of our latest Kinect applications, nsquared media viewer, is an innovative solution to display your company’s marketing material and provide your customers with an awesome and memorable user experience.

nsquared media viewer leverages the Kinect for Windows gesture based technology to allow clients to interact with content in an amazing new way. This application is perfectly designed for building lobbies, experience centers, events and corporate locations because it allows guests walk up and within seconds start browsing images and videos by category through a stylish, customizable carousel.

Like all of our Kinect for Windows applications, we empower you with an admin tool to remotely customize and update the content displayed on screen. Our accessible admin tool enables staff to upload, edit and view usage statistics using our unique online content portal from anywhere in the world.

Five key benefits of nsquared media viewer:

1. Display interactive content on almost any digital screen at a fraction of the cost of other solutions

2. Upload, Edit, and view detail usage statistics using the online content portal

3. Integrate social media - configure Twitter hashtags and screen names to display across the screen

4. Innovative, easy to setup and manageable technology

5. Engaging way for your customers to get involved with your brand, while also leaving a lasting impression

If you are interested in using this new technology to increase your company’s brand awareness and customer engagement, please contact us today to find how you can benefit from nsquared media viewer 

USA: +1 206 236 0354  or  AUS: +61 2 9262 3386 or

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Microsoft Education Blog recommends nsquared Windows 8 apps (Twice!)

The interest and excitement for our Windows 8 education apps continues to increase as nsquared is featured not once, but twice in articles published on The Australian Education Blog this week.

 Ray Fleming, a member of the Australian Microsoft Education team, authors the blog which focuses on what’s interesting in Education IT in Australia.

Read his article, “Collaborative learning with Windows 8 multi-touch apps– flip the screen over!” here -

And read his more recent post, “Collaborating on Chemistry on a Windows 8 touch slate” here -

Thanks Ray! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

nsquared feature in The Australian

Well look what we’ve just found in the nsquared archive…

Our highly publicized feature in The Australian!

Chris Griffith, a prominent IT writer for The Australian, visited our nsquared technology studio in Sydney to have a chat about the power of social computing around the Samsung SUR40.

The original article was published on July 10, 2012 – Read it here,

We are happy to say that more than 18 months later there continues to be a  high and increasing demand for the Samsung SUR40 (and other multi-user tables) and our off the shelf applications. We have a broad range of customers from business to education, retail to hospitality – both here locally in Australia and across the globe.

Today you can find the SUR40 running our nsquared software in many schools, universities, museums, hotel foyers and even real estate offices!

Spark your curiosity?

Find out more about increasing productivity, collaboration and creativity in your spaces today by contacting us on +61 2 9262 3386 or email us – 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Digital Table

Are you tired of attending the same boardroom and client meetings? Are you fed up with competing for attention and compelling customers to focus on the same projected screen? Perhaps you just can't quite see what your teammate is trying to share with you on their tablet or mobile screen.

Why not revolutionize your business meeting space with a digital table? Take your meetings to the 21st Century and present your digital content horizontally with a group of people around a 360 degree interface. Better yet, why not use software that integrates multiple devices to share that digital content?

For centuries tables have been used as a space for meetings, a place for sharing of ideas and discussion arenas for business development. Now, as modern society continues to focus on developing content and ideas on personal devices, it only makes sense that we share all our hard work with our colleagues in a more collaborative and open environment.

Everything we generate - our Office documents, images and videos, PDFs and Powerpoint presentations - can be placed on a digital table that is easier for everyone to see and review. Tables further support and enhance conversations by encouraging face-to-face communication and co-operation.

Benefits of a Digital Table

- Create strong engagement
- Keep attention focused
- Create a memorable experience 
- Enhance and enrich your conversations
- Increase productivity
- Easily share and annotate digital content
- Become green friendly, save on printing costs

For more information on digital tables and applications that can be used your business environment today , read our latest newsletter here: 

FREE Newsletter on Digital Tables

Like what you've read? Let us know your thoughts by contacting us at 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Purchasing a Samsung SUR40 through nsquared in Australia

The nsquared sales team has just spent the last five full days presenting and demonstrating our software on the Samsung SUR40 at both the Australian CeBit and EduTech conferences. After generating all this excitement, it was only appropriate that we provide our readers with more information on this fantastic piece of hardware, how it could work for you and how you can purchase it today.

Why buy the Samsung SUR40?

This device  has the ability to create instant and deep emotional connections with its users. It does this by allowing them to interact in a social, collaborative manner around a table; by giving them the power to drive and create their own experiences. In the business scenario, once connections have been increased that can build trust, drive up sales, increase referrals and cement customer loyalty. For educators, connections with content drive deeper engagement for students, thus enhancing and enriching their learning experience.

Quick Tech Specs
  • 40’’ Full HD LED Display
  • Object Recognition
  • Multi-touch, multi-user
  • Scratch resistance, heavy duty protective Gorilla Glass (perfect for public spaces)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet Connections

How it could work for you – Industries and Applications

The Samsung SUR40 has been deployed as an engaging device across a plethora of industries. We have seen businesses, universities, schools, hotels and  retail outlets continue to see quick returns on their investments. As we know, no hardware is useful without software running on it! We have a variety of off-the-shelf products that are ready and can be purchased today. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we have available:

Click Image to Enlarge

Each of these applications can be purchased separately and chosen to meet your needs. Every license of the application is perpetual and includes free updates. For more information on any of the applications listed above, please feel free to visit our website –

How you can purchase it today
The Samsung SUR40 is available here in Australia, it can be ordered directly through us a  and can be delivered to your premises between 3-5 business days once payment has been made. ASK US HOW.

Friday, May 31, 2013

nsquared featured on Kinect for Windows Blog!

A little bit of media attention never hurts!

We are happy to share that we now have a featured article published on the Kinect for Windows Blog.

The blog post speaks about our three new exciting Kinect4Windows apps,

To read to full article, please see here.

Want to know more? Feel free to send us an email – or call us directly on +61 2 9262 3386

Monday, May 20, 2013

New 55'' Perceptive Pixel @ nsquared studio

There are big smiles in the nsquared studio this week with the exciting delivery of the 55'' LED Multi-Touch Display by Perceptive Pixel!

Following our mission, we literally are putting digital tables everywhere. While the PPI screen is originally intended to be placed vertically, we have enhanced its multi-touch, multi-user capabilities by mounting it horizontally. If the display wasn't enticing enough, our LED, steel structure stand changes colours - perfect to blend into any educational, business or public space environment. 

5 cool features of this device include:

1.  Large 55'' Pro Cap Display (Projected Capacitive display)
2.  2.5'' trim profile
3.  1920 x 1080  HD
4.  Supports massive multi-touch, and input from 6 stylus simultaneously
5.  Built in colour correction 

We are very excited to have this new piece of hardware in the nsquared studio and look forward to adding and testing our variety of nsquared business, education and hospitality applications on it.

If you are interested or want to know more about this product and our software, please do not hesitate to ring us on + 61 2 9262 3386 or email

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taking the magic of touch technology to Tamworth

Yesterday nsquared traveled with our partners at Samsung and Worlds Best Technology Distributors to demonstrate the power of touch technology to Tamworth, New South Wales.

The event was hosted at the Tamworth TAFE and attended by a number of key decision makers, all of whom were interested in bringing leading edge technology to their students.

It was great to see the educators literally get their hands on the technology, a Samsung SUR40.

One of the main attractors was the nsquared presenter application. nsquared presenter allows you to collaboratively create and deliver presentations using all the devices you find in a meeting room – tablets, mobile phones, overhead projectors and multi-touch tables. Groups of people are able to come together to build a presentation “timeline” of content including slides, spreadsheets, documents, images and videos from different  files. The staff felt this application had the most potential for their educational environment as it has the ability for students collectively interact with their digital course material over a familiar table setting.

Some of the other crowd favorites included:

    We are very excited to be working with Team Tamworth and look forward to helping them engage their students through multi-touch technology!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update: nsquared makewords on Windows 8. Perfect for the Surface Pro!

We have been working hard here in the nsquared studio to update our FREE educational app on the Windows 8 store - nsquared makewords

This educational game is aimed to help students (aged 3+) with object recognition, differentiation and to improve their recall and spelling. nsquared makewords has the ability to switch between a range of content packs, therefore allowing you to change and download new content as it is released.


- Multi Touch, Multi User (for up to 4 people)
- Drag tiles to spell different animals, objects, flags and more
- Competitive and co-operative learning against the clock

The update features the following:

- Fun music and sound effects
- Better, easier to use layout
- Great visual feedback for incorrect letters and words!
- Reshuffle the letters to make it easier to find the ones you're looking for 
- Use the bottom app bar to choose between vertical and table mode play
Word order in each pack has been randomized for more replay-ability
- Completely revised and updated menu system