Monday, March 25, 2013

nsquared chemistry on Windows 8

Here at nsquared we’re excited for the future of collaborative gaming and education.
More and more touch devices are being developed with larger and better screens. This means that the encouraging nature of collaborative learning can finally make a return on PC’s and tablets.

This new form factor, pioneered by devices such as the Sony Vaio Tap 20, is more commonly referred to as the “table” computer and it may allow all of your students to play at once on a single device!

We’re proud to announce another addition to our educational suite on the windows 8 store, nsquared chemistry!
As a collaborative game, it encourages learning between players. As the game progresses, players can teach one another how a specific element is made, or which elements the next compound will contain. The game lets players build a working memory of common elements as they build each compound, and teach others what comprises an element or compound. It is an excellent accompanying tool to any level of high school chemistry as the exercises mimic those found in many textbooks.

It’s also one of our first games to take advantage of the “Snapping” feature of windows 8 devices. Players are encouraged to snap the app to the side and open a browser to research an exercise if they are stuck.

Also, on a technical note, nsquared chemistry is one of the only apps in the store constructed with DirectX, C++ and XAML interoperation, and also our first 3D Windows 8 game!

Have fun bouncing elements around!

Try chemistry for free here: