Friday, May 31, 2013

nsquared featured on Kinect for Windows Blog!

A little bit of media attention never hurts!

We are happy to share that we now have a featured article published on the Kinect for Windows Blog.

The blog post speaks about our three new exciting Kinect4Windows apps,

To read to full article, please see here.

Want to know more? Feel free to send us an email – or call us directly on +61 2 9262 3386

Monday, May 20, 2013

New 55'' Perceptive Pixel @ nsquared studio

There are big smiles in the nsquared studio this week with the exciting delivery of the 55'' LED Multi-Touch Display by Perceptive Pixel!

Following our mission, we literally are putting digital tables everywhere. While the PPI screen is originally intended to be placed vertically, we have enhanced its multi-touch, multi-user capabilities by mounting it horizontally. If the display wasn't enticing enough, our LED, steel structure stand changes colours - perfect to blend into any educational, business or public space environment. 

5 cool features of this device include:

1.  Large 55'' Pro Cap Display (Projected Capacitive display)
2.  2.5'' trim profile
3.  1920 x 1080  HD
4.  Supports massive multi-touch, and input from 6 stylus simultaneously
5.  Built in colour correction 

We are very excited to have this new piece of hardware in the nsquared studio and look forward to adding and testing our variety of nsquared business, education and hospitality applications on it.

If you are interested or want to know more about this product and our software, please do not hesitate to ring us on + 61 2 9262 3386 or email

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taking the magic of touch technology to Tamworth

Yesterday nsquared traveled with our partners at Samsung and Worlds Best Technology Distributors to demonstrate the power of touch technology to Tamworth, New South Wales.

The event was hosted at the Tamworth TAFE and attended by a number of key decision makers, all of whom were interested in bringing leading edge technology to their students.

It was great to see the educators literally get their hands on the technology, a Samsung SUR40.

One of the main attractors was the nsquared presenter application. nsquared presenter allows you to collaboratively create and deliver presentations using all the devices you find in a meeting room – tablets, mobile phones, overhead projectors and multi-touch tables. Groups of people are able to come together to build a presentation “timeline” of content including slides, spreadsheets, documents, images and videos from different  files. The staff felt this application had the most potential for their educational environment as it has the ability for students collectively interact with their digital course material over a familiar table setting.

Some of the other crowd favorites included:

    We are very excited to be working with Team Tamworth and look forward to helping them engage their students through multi-touch technology!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update: nsquared makewords on Windows 8. Perfect for the Surface Pro!

We have been working hard here in the nsquared studio to update our FREE educational app on the Windows 8 store - nsquared makewords

This educational game is aimed to help students (aged 3+) with object recognition, differentiation and to improve their recall and spelling. nsquared makewords has the ability to switch between a range of content packs, therefore allowing you to change and download new content as it is released.


- Multi Touch, Multi User (for up to 4 people)
- Drag tiles to spell different animals, objects, flags and more
- Competitive and co-operative learning against the clock

The update features the following:

- Fun music and sound effects
- Better, easier to use layout
- Great visual feedback for incorrect letters and words!
- Reshuffle the letters to make it easier to find the ones you're looking for 
- Use the bottom app bar to choose between vertical and table mode play
Word order in each pack has been randomized for more replay-ability
- Completely revised and updated menu system