Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Introducing "Bet You Didn't Know"

A weekly segment that goes more in depth to the functionality and capabilities of nsquared software. Keeping you in touch with your digital table and helping you to get more from your interactive, shared experience.

“Bet You Didn’t Know” will introduce you to all the latest application releases, newest features, updates, bug fixes, as well give you a comfortable familiarity with your nsquared admin portal.

Learn how you can WOW colleagues, co-workers, customers and clients with your leading edge skills.

Stay in tune and in touch and turn that Bet you Didn’t into a Bet you Did! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Reasons Why Libraries Love Digital Tables

At nsquared we believe that technology can sometimes be very isolating, focusing too much on attention on personal, single user devices. 

We are creating a future where shared screen technology will become part of communal spaces. These spaces will be enhanced with interfaces like digital tables to create shared experiences. 

Since we started selling software for digital tables 5 years ago we have seen a steady adoption of digital tables in local libraries. The libraries are using the digital tables as way of bringing people from the community together, to learn, explore information and collaborate. We have put together a couple of case studies of libraries around world, you can read how Sunnyvale public library is using their digital table, to engage children, and find out what Toowoomba City Library is doing with their table to engage the community.

Libraries love digital tables because they:

1. Enrich visitor interactions

2. Bring people together with digital content

3. Encourage collaborative learning and exploration

4. Provide and interactive display of library information & services

5. Meet the future technology needs of their community

Digital tables such as the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense bring people together to communication, collaborate and connect - it is the most advanced, immersive experience of digital communication. 

Find out more information on innovative local libraries by checking our our latest newsletter here or emailing us at enquiries@nsquaredsolutions.com 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tricks & Treats - New Halloween Theme

New Halloween Theme!

For the month of October we have jumped straight into the Halloween spirit. With All Hallow's Eve just around the corner, our team have unleashed a new set of 17 new Halloween themed assets guaranteed to thrill and excite. 

“These spooky words will scare your socks off! Celebrate this Halloween by learning to spell all the beasts and ghouls you might see in the night. Trick or Treat!” - how could you resist? 

You can now download these in-app Halloween content packs from three of our FREE Windows 8 education applications,

A multi-user game that teaches object recognition and basic counting. The game offers both competitive and collaborative opportunities. Players win points for collecting the correct number of required objects.

This structured educational game will help students learn object recognition and differentiation, and improve their recall and spelling.

This turn-taking memory game requires students to match overturned cards. Only two cards may be turned over at any one time in attempt to find a matching pair.

Join the spooky spirit today and download these fun content packs!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Story, Our Goal

nsquared is a leading edge development company that specialises in creating multi-user, massive multi-touch software for digital tables. We pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd by delivering unique, innovative and highly functional off-the-shelf products. Our customers can be found across a wide variety of vertical market sectors and backgrounds.

We have one ambitious, straightforward goal; to get people talking and collaborating together again to move the world forward, by putting digital tables everywhere. 

Our goal motivates us to design and build robust applications that work seamlessly in 360 degree, collaborative environments across a variety of platforms. We already have a number of amazing, forward thinking clients in business, education, government and hospitality that are embracing the vision and using our products to enhance and improve their spaces.

Each of our products is thoughtfully designed to stimulate conversation, encourage collaboration and create deep, long-lasting connections with people. Our customers recognize this and choose us because our software empowers them with the tools that make their content more meaningful.

nsquared is Australia’s only Microsoft Premier Partner for PixelSense and one of seven Premier Partners around the globe. nsquared has an extensive global footprint and our software can be found across the world in the Unites States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

Get ahead of the curve and ask us how nsquared products can take your organization to the cutting edge today. Email us - enquiries@nsquaredsolutions.com