Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Work Together Better

O happy day!

The final installment of our Future of Work video series has arrived. Over three short videos, we have followed Paula and Sam as they found a new office space at an innovative Realtor and then watched as they collaborated with an Interior Designer to plan their new space. Finally on the latest installment Paula and Sam move into their new office space, complete with cutting edge collaborative innovation.

Work Together Better Video Series

As a team they use nsquared milestone to plan their projects and define their tasks effectively together.

Once project planning is complete the team uses their new touchscreen technology to have quick, pointed meetings. They load PDFs, Word and PowerPoint documents from their local network directly onto the DIGITABLE, annotate together and finally send the annotated files straight to their colleague's desktop device using nsquared presenter.

Team work isn't all serious. Immersive multiplayer games bring everyone together at the end of the day.

Smart tables, smart work flow. The future of work is here.

Click here to watch the Future of Work series now.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ho ho ho! You are invited to our special Christmas offer

Recently nsquared launched our very first iBook, The Digital Table. In the spirit of Christmas, we are running a special offer and spreading some festive cheer… We are giving away the iBook FREE for the entire month of December.

'The Digital Table' is a beautiful, interactive and fully illustrated 56-page iBook taking a look at our changing relationship with technology, and what this means for our future.

Smart screens, touch screens, smart everything.  Interactive tables, interactive shoes, interactive everything. The future of work, the future of play, the future trends. Human behaviour, innovators, innovation and new technology. The world is changing, but how?

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Have a great Christmas from the team at nsquared!