Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MakeWords 1.0 is certified by Microsoft®!

Great news - the results are in, and nsquared is on the podium!

After a short wait, we're very proud to be able to say that our latest app, MakeWords 1.0, is certified by Microsoft®, as part of the Microsoft® Surface® certification program. We're told that to date it is one of only three (3) Microsoft Surface applications worldwide to receive certification.

The next thing we're waiting for is to see it posted on the official Microsoft Surface site.

There are more plans for "MakeWords 1.0" and its friends, and we'll be letting you know how they go as soon as we have more to show. In the mean time we're looking forward to being able to share MakeWords 1.0 with as many people as possible.

About MakeWords 1.0
It seems everyone who sees MakeWords 1.0 on the Surface device is instantly captivated, including "grown ups". We designed it as an educational app for lower to mid-primary school students as a fun way to help build literacy skills. Once we'd finished sketching it out, we realised that it provided far more in lessons than a spelling test ever could. Better than that, it's far more fun. On top of the spelling lesson, students develop better object recognition skills, and learn how to participate in an environment that is both collaborative and competitive.
As with all high quality Surface Applications, MakeWords 1.0 capitalises on the unique qualities of Surface to deliver far more than initially meets the eye, and we're looking forward to bringing more fantastic Surface Apps to the business world.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Microsoft Surface is available in Australia

Dr. Neil and Shirralee are happy that Surface is now available in Australia. If you want to buy a Microsoft Surface solution you can contact the nsquared Sydney office.