Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our Next Event: Collaborative Learning & The Future Workplace

It's event time again at nsquared and below is your very exclusive invite to our next event!

Following on from our successful By The Fireplace event in October 2015 which was attended by more than 85 tech industry, Design & C-Level executives, it's time for you to save the date - Thursday April 21st - for our next event which will be held in Wynyard.

This event will be even bigger than the last one and will feature panelists shedding light on our topic: Collaborative Learning: How ‘Campfire Moments’ Will Change the Future Workplace.

At this event you will learn about:

  • Collaborative learning & 'purpose mastery' in organisations
  • How workplace trends such as telecommuting and virtual reality will change everything
  • Why collaboration & social connection will become critical to organisations in the future

This is an invite-only event and we will have limited seating so RSVP is essential. Please contact events [at] nsquaredsolutions [dotcom] if you would like to attend!