Thursday, June 23, 2011

A new version of nsync, thrice as good!

We have just released an update to nsync, version 1.54 is now available for nsync, nsync sky edition and nsync classic edition. For tracking the time in multiple time zones and setting up meetings across time zones nsync is the software you need for your iPad.
Pick your style and purchase at the reduced price of only 99c until the end of June!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Managed Publishing 1.0 goes live

For over a year now we have been running a beta program for Managed Publishing, our online PDF publishing tool.
Today we are pleased to announce that Managed Publishing 1.0 has gone live.

Authors can benefit from Managed Publishing by protecting their articles, papers and books from being unlawfully copied. Each time a customer purchases a copy of your work each page will be watermarked with the email address of the customer. Any piracy can then be traced back to the source.

We have a number of ebooks, white papers and articles being published already with the Managed Publishing service.
Here are some of our favourite publications.

Developing for Microsoft SurfaceLearn Japanese Pod Show NotesGetting Started With Tablet PC Development

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The nsquared education pack at CEFPI OZ

Lat week we had a great week at the CEFPI Australia conference in Sydney.
The nsquared team was there with a Microsoft Surface table demonstrating the nsquared education pack for Microsoft Surface.
Here are some photos we took of the event.

On the first day we had a students from two different schools visit the event.
The nsquared paint application is always very popular.

Learning to spell can always be a challenge, nsquared letters can make it fun and competitive.

Proud to be a sponsor of the collaborative learning space.

Steven Wong from TeamBoard using nsquared make words for Windows 7 on his dual touch TeamBoard screen.