Tuesday, February 19, 2013

nsquared photobook

We are excited to announce nsquared photobook, a fantastic new product for digital tables to help a group of people create and share a photo album.
Contact nsquared to find out more about this and other great products for digital tables.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Windows 8 Education Apps

At nsquared we have been busy getting a range of educational applications ready for Windows 8
A number of the new computers being released are incredibly exciting, providing new ways for multiple people to interact around a single screen. Devices such as the Sony Tap 20 and the Lenovo Horizon will bring small digital tables into the home and classroom at very affordable prices.
Our history producing software for digital tables, such as Microsoft PixelSense, has lead to creating some truly outstanding multi-user experiences for Windows 8 devices. 

To start the new year we have released six new applications aimed at the younger audience, that is learning to read, write and count. These applications are great for small group learning.

nsquared letters 
A free form language application designed for use with or without guidance. The nsquared letters application allows students to explore words in virtually any language that uses the Latin alphabet. 
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nsquared numbers 
A free-form application that can be used to teach basic mathematical concepts. How many ways can your students make the sum of ‘7’, or ‘48’, or any other number you’d like to explore? How many ways can they create those same results? 
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nsquared make words
This structured educational game will help students learn object recognition and differentiation, and improve their recall and spelling. nsquared makewords has the ability to switch between a range of content packs through the menu and download new content as it's released.
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nsquared herding
nsquared herding is designed to develop numeracy, pattern matching and object recognition skills.
Designed for one to four players (depending on the size of your device, you may only be able to have up to two players), herding requires each player to collect the correct numbers of each target object and place them into their own playing area.

nsquared snap
nsquared snap is designed to develop pattern matching, memory, and object recognition skills.
This turn based memory game requires up to four students to match overturned cards. Only two cards may be turned over at any time in an attempt to find a matching pair.
Each player must take a turn individually, with a point being awarded when a pair of cards is matched successfully.

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nsquared missing card
nsquared missing card is designed to develop pattern matching and object recognition skills.
This is a multi-player game for up to four students. Players must chose the best match from three options presented to them. 

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