Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do You Want It Custom?

Digital tables are a unique product, there's no doubt about it.

We get all kinds of requests from people, asking all kinds of things from one-off coffee tables to massive 275 inch displays. We have experience building all kinds of exciting projects too, both software and hardware and we understand better than most the challenges clients can face with a custom project, beyond just financial reasons.

It is an important question to ask, as it is different for every circumstance. Consider your requirements and resources before you ask; do you want it custom?

To help you through your thinking, we've put together a chart:

Do You Want It Custom? Flow Chart

Custom projects are great because they are tailored to your precise requirements. They can help alleviate feelings of compromise, or feeling that you are buying unnecessary features, when weighing up options with an off the shelf product. They meet your exact needs. But this, of course, comes at a price.

The nsquared DIGITABLE and DIGITABLE PLUS are our off the shelf tried and tested products, which means a safe and secure purchase. Off the shelf products also have the advantage of a quick turnaround, you can reap the benefits of economies of scale and will likely result in a higher re-sale value.

Take the time to weigh up the pros and cons, it will be worth it in the long run! We are experts in multi-touch smart tables, touch screens and interactive surfaces so don't be afraid to contact us to help make your decision.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tomorrow's Spaces

Tomorrow's Spaces at Novotel Sydney

How will our retail and hospitality spaces look in 5, 10 and 20 years?
What does tomorrow’s workplace look like?
What are the constraints and success factors for transforming learning spaces for 21st century learning?
How will this all affect our interpersonal interactions?

With a stunning view of a vicious storm rolling in over Darling Harbour from our room provided by our friends from Novotel Darling Harbour, last night was the second event in our series of panel discussions. The theme of the night was "Tomorrow's Spaces", following on from the success of our first talk, "Innovating Collaborative Workflow". Braving a miserable October night, a lively audience listened to 5 distinguished panellists from a broad range of disciplines as they shed insight into how our physical spaces will change to reflect, and impact, our changing behaviours.

The storm didn't stop outside, either, with lively debate igniting in our Barossa Room as the event unfolded. If you couldn't make the event, fear not! The whole evening was recorded and the event in its entirety is available in the video below.

nsquared would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that made the night possible, with a special thanks to Novotel Darling Harbour our panellists:

Sue Beveridge, Electroboard Education
Barry Mowszowski, DT
Scott Smith, Novotel
Daniel Stiffe, GPT Group
Dr Neil Roodyn, nsquared solutions

Thursday, October 15, 2015

How Old Do You Really Look?

The Microsoft How Old? Project has been a phenomenon. The app, built to show off the new Windows 10 facial recognition API and the power of Azure cloud, uses algorithms to determine how old a user's face looks. And, understandably, it has become the definition of viral. It has grown faster than Facebook. It has even grown faster than Angry Birds. The stats speak for themselves:
  • 1.2 million visitors per hour in 48 hours
  • 540 million photos analysed to date
  • More than 1/2 billion photos uploaded in 1 month
  • 0-50 million users in just 7 days.
  • Ellen even tweeted about it:

But don't stop at Ellen. THERE'S MORE.

We have exciting news: in a world first, the nsquared team is helping to bring the How Old? online experience into a real life experience.

All this work on How Old? has seemed to have weathered nsquared's faces by a few years, but stay tuned to see what this wrinkly crew has to offer. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Locus: Never Lose Your Friends Again!

Oh Happy Day, nsquared's Locus V2.0 has been released to the world! Locus is the easy peezy friend finding app that keeps you up to date with your friends' whereabouts*.

With brand new shiny app updates available across Android, iPhone and iPad, and with the Universal Windows app coming soon, you can now keep track of all of your friends and loved ones at the tap of a button.

We have completely rebuilt our app to make it the quickest and best version of Locus yet. With a whole new set of 50+ completely redesigned pins and the ability to sync between all of your devices, no location finding app has ever been this good.
  • Improved performance
  • 50+ new pins
  • Bug and notification fixes
  • New cloud solution
  • Automatically syncs your devices
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Plus many new and exciting features in the coming months! Stay calm and locate your friends.
 *Friends not included

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Innovative collaboration using the DIGITABLE PLUS

Meet Mark and San from Appétit magazine, a niche publication for food lovers. Appétit is not made by just one person, it is a team effort. Team efforts deserve team technology.  


To get the best photos at the best places, they need to know where to go and who to meet. Using the DIGITABLE PLUS they can work together researching alternatives.

They find out where they need to be. They photograph. They interview. They come back to the office and bring it all to the DIGITABLE PLUS.

San types up an outline for her article, while Mark drops his photos in place. They can simultaneously give feedback to each other and decisions are made quickly.  

The editor of Appétit, Aaron, joins them for a dynamic team experience. Collaboration, and negotiation happen instantly as the team gather around the table in a strategically productive meeting. Losing things in distant communication is a long forgotten past as the outcome is captured in digital form as it happens. 

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