Wednesday, March 19, 2014

nsquared rooms makes booking meeting spaces easy.

Did you know........ 
..........that nsquared rooms is great for finding available spaces for ad hoc meetings?

Being part of a large organisation can be a great thing. In a big company there is always plenty going on and lots of people with whom to collaborate and learn. It is often hard to find available meeting rooms at short notice. The room booking systems can be overly complicated and support personnel won't have time to make the booking for you that quickly. So you then end up in a noisy café, which is not a good scenario for a confidential chat. What if you could search for, and book a room, as soon as you knew you needed it?
With nsquared rooms you can do just that.

You can find out quickly what rooms are available within your timeframes. Better than that, you can book any of the available rooms all by yourself. It’s all connected to Microsoft Exchange so the information is updated immediately, which means interruption-free meetings.

We’ve seen it used in building foyers, at floor entrances by the elevators, and dotted around university campuses and business estates where they’re being used to great effect. Take a look here to find out more about nsquared rooms.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is your software up to date?

Did you know...
... that nsquared software is constantly being updated and improved? 

At nsquared we have have one ambitious, straightforward goal; to get people talking and collaborating together again to move the world forward. 

So that we can achieve our goal, we're constantly reviewing our software. We're considering the feedback that we receive from our customers while we pay close attention to how our software is used, and how it could be used. This allows us to plan how to improve the software you use, and then go about making it better. We want to make it so that you can use it with more speed, more fluidity, and more ease. This will allow people to reconnect. It will enable conversations to flow and be inspired. It will enable creativity and collaboration even more so than it does now.

Updated software keeps the conversations flowing.

We've just run another set of updates for our digital table and Windows 8 software; our customers will shortly be receiving notifications and updated download links.

To find out more about nsquared's multi-user collaborative software download a catalogue, give us a call or email us.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

nsquared media viewer tracks digital signage interactions.

Did you know that nsquared media viewer has content tracking?
nsquared media viewer is a unique interactive digital signage platform that enables you to track all interactions with your content. 

This means that you can view what content was viewed, when it was viewed, how often it was viewed, how long it held the attention of viewers, and even what type of phones have been used to capture QR coded content.

To date, our clients are using nsquared media viewer successfully in a number of ways that include :-

Sharing company information internally on their kinect and touch-enabled digital signage players.
Presenting interactive information to potential clients at events and shows.
In foyers and corporate entrances for visitor information.
In sales rooms and ‘experience centres’ for product information sharing.

If you’d like to get a clearer picture about what’s interesting to your customers, you can request a catalogue download, give us a call, or send us an email to find out more.