Tuesday, January 28, 2014

nsquared maps can read GeoRSS feeds

Did you know....... GeoRSS feeds can be displayed in nsquared maps.

GeoRSS feeds are a great way to include location information for web based data. Each location can have associated text and image data, so a GeoRSS feed can provide information on the map about each point.
The admin tool provided with nsquared maps allows you to add the data from any GeoRSS feed to the maps displayed on your digital tables.

Some examples of where we have seen this used are:

  • Real estate agents provide all the properties for sale in a GeoRSS feed that can then be plotted on the map.
  • Nation wide retailers provide a GeoRSS feed of all of their store locations to display on the map
  • Emergency services provide a GeoRSS feed of incidents as they happen, these incidents can be seen as they occur on the map
  • Photographers use GeoRSS to add location information to all of the images they store online. The images can then be displayed on the map.
  • A manufacturer's support team uses a GeoRSS feed to provide information on all of the support calls that require a site visit. The information about each call can be displayed on the map at the correct location.

With nsquared maps you can easily add the GeoRSS information to the map on your large interactive touch screen with no programming. Simply add the URL of the web feed to the admin tool and configure the way you'd like the data to be displayed.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

nsquared thoughts has shape recognition

Did you know…that nsquared thoughts has shape recognition?

nsquared thoughts is designed as a free-form ideas canvas. It’s often used as a mind-mapping and sketching tool in business, and for small group work and tutoring in schools and libraries for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. 

One of the things we did to make it a better tool was to enable you to draw free-form versions of shapes such as circles, squares and triangles, and have them snap to the geometrically correct form of that shape as soon as you’ve finished drawing it.

nsquared thoughts performs shape recognition
Free-form shape recognition enables you to create additional canvases on the table.

This is great for

Sketching workflow diagrams.

Teaching shapes and how they relate to each other.

Creating separate canvases on the screen for people so that they can sketch out their     ideas independently while conversing with team members.

Mapping out decision trees.

Creating separate canvases for students so that they can take part in group writing exercises.

Capturing content created on the screen and resizing and repositioning it - Everything that is inside the shape you draw will be captured into the shape.

To find out more about nsquared thoughts, visit the nsquared web site at https://nsquaredsolutions.com/business/

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Celebrate Australia Day with nsquared

While nsquared is a global company we are proud to have our development team in Australia. January 26th is Australia Day and we have created some fun educational content packs to help you get in the spirit and celebrate Australia day with us on your touch screens and digital tables.

Happy Australia Day from nsquared
Celebrate Australia Day

With nsquared makewords you can learn to spell Australian animals, places and artefacts.
Try to collect the correct number of Australian icons in nsquared herding.
Compete with your friends to match up all the Australian objects in nsquared snap.
Try to put together the nsquared Australia puzzle in nsquared jigsaw.

Celebrate Australia Day with nsquared
Happy Australia Day

If you are in Australia these packs give you the perfect excuse to get out of the sun for a few hours in the heat of the day and keep celebrating.
If you are in colder climes, then wrap up warm and learn more about Australia with your friends around the screen.

Find out more and download our free Windows 8 education apps here.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to power up your presentations with the humble USB stick.

that you can load content from a USB stick into nsquared presenter, nsquared thoughts, nsquared documents and nsquared attractor!

USB sticks are common tools for all of us. We use them as a quick way of storing and accessing content that needs to be available when we’re on the move between our desks, and homes, and our meetings. 
With nsquared software, you can use your USB drive to easily and quickly bring fresh new content and ideas to the table.

Places and situations we’ve seen this surprisingly powerful functionality being used are:

Reception areas, Waiting rooms and Sales spaces. Quickly refresh or update messaging by connecting a pre-loaded USB drive to nsquared attractor for instant, fresh results.

Project meeting spaces where attendees bring individually created content to the table for presentation and discussion. Concepts are quickly crystallised when USB content can be accessed  and shared on demand.

Real Estate sales presentations in which the Agent quickly wants to show clients some fresh and exclusive new options that might not available in the organisation’s file system. Personal or proprietary content can be displayed almost instantly when a USB drive is connected.

University group project meetings in which all team members bring their contributions to the table to share and discuss their work. Several USB drives can be plugged in simultaneously.

Product comparison discussions where fresh up to date content can be displayed on the table to make web site development decisions easier because they’re based on relatively concrete visuals from a USB drive, rather than abstract verbal discussion.

We are sure there are many more situations in which being able to load USB content is really useful and we’d like to hear about them from you. 

Drop us a line at info@nsquaredsolutions.com, or post your comments below :-)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Your digital tables are safe when using nsquared software

nsquared software innately prevents the introduction of malware to your digital table whether it’s a Samsung SUR40, Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC. 

Happy people around an nsquared digital table

How does it work to prevent members, guests or students from making things crazy, I hear you ask?

It’s simple. nsquared software doesn’t display pop ups, or files that are irrelevant to the contextual case for which it’s designed.  Files that are relevant (such as images, videos, PDFs and MS Office files) are displayed as rendered images of those files, not live files, and any links are inactivated. This means that there isn’t an opportunity to click on malware executable files disguised as harmless links in Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF files.

nsquared maps and nsquared web, both of which display content directly from the world wide web, block pop-ups. This means that in User mode, there is no way for any of your members or guests to activate malware (or any other software) installations. 
Even if a USB stick containing malware files is introduced, the only files that will be recognized and rendered are PDFs, image and video files, and MS Office files. The software isn’t designed to seek or display other files (such as .exe files) so even if malware files are present, they won’t be recognized or rendered by the software.

When using nsquared software the security of your digital table and network is honoured by design. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Refined and updated

A number of the nsquared iPad education applications have been updated to support iOS7.

nsquared makewords and nsquared A to Zoo are amongst our favourite iPad applications for the younger audience.

nsquared makewords is a spelling activity for two players, or two teams. The objective is to determine the word for the object on the screen and spell it as fast as possible.

nsquared makewords for iPad
Playing nsquared makewords with friends

nsquared A to Zoo provides four fun educational activities around the zoo, pattern matching, spelling and counting are all important skills to winning stickers. With the stickers you can make your own zoo scenes and save them to your photo collection.

A to Zoo for iPad
Explore the activities in the zoo with nsquared A to Zoo

Download to your iPad now from the App Store.

download a to zoo