Tuesday, January 28, 2014

nsquared maps can read GeoRSS feeds

Did you know....... GeoRSS feeds can be displayed in nsquared maps.

GeoRSS feeds are a great way to include location information for web based data. Each location can have associated text and image data, so a GeoRSS feed can provide information on the map about each point.
The admin tool provided with nsquared maps allows you to add the data from any GeoRSS feed to the maps displayed on your digital tables.

Some examples of where we have seen this used are:

  • Real estate agents provide all the properties for sale in a GeoRSS feed that can then be plotted on the map.
  • Nation wide retailers provide a GeoRSS feed of all of their store locations to display on the map
  • Emergency services provide a GeoRSS feed of incidents as they happen, these incidents can be seen as they occur on the map
  • Photographers use GeoRSS to add location information to all of the images they store online. The images can then be displayed on the map.
  • A manufacturer's support team uses a GeoRSS feed to provide information on all of the support calls that require a site visit. The information about each call can be displayed on the map at the correct location.

With nsquared maps you can easily add the GeoRSS information to the map on your large interactive touch screen with no programming. Simply add the URL of the web feed to the admin tool and configure the way you'd like the data to be displayed.

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