Sunday, January 5, 2014

Refined and updated

A number of the nsquared iPad education applications have been updated to support iOS7.

nsquared makewords and nsquared A to Zoo are amongst our favourite iPad applications for the younger audience.

nsquared makewords is a spelling activity for two players, or two teams. The objective is to determine the word for the object on the screen and spell it as fast as possible.

nsquared makewords for iPad
Playing nsquared makewords with friends

nsquared A to Zoo provides four fun educational activities around the zoo, pattern matching, spelling and counting are all important skills to winning stickers. With the stickers you can make your own zoo scenes and save them to your photo collection.

A to Zoo for iPad
Explore the activities in the zoo with nsquared A to Zoo

Download to your iPad now from the App Store.

download a to zoo

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