Wednesday, November 17, 2010

nsquared at ninemsn's FFWD5 marketing summit

Another good week at nsquared headquarters has been added to by the fact that a few of us have had the opportunity to show off our Surface expertise at ninemsn's digital marketing summit, FFWD5.

Throughout the day, ninemsn’s line-up of world class speakers shared their insights and predictions about digital media and marketing over the next five years. The invitation-only event was attended by senior marketing professionals, media agencies, and the creative community. They were all treated to a number of immersive and interactive experiences so that they could better understand the offerings available now and into the future. Surface® table-top computing experiences were available in several spaces throughout yesterday’s summit.

The nsquared Surface space in the Meet the Experts Arena drew plenty of interest from high-level marketers. Most of these talented successful people were attempting to understand the value of Surface over traditional touch screens. Being the experts that we are, they were quickly able to understand the value of the super-responsive, super multi-touch and collaborative medium that is Surface.

The positive responses we received regarding the nsquared business pack software were something that we’ve gotten used to, but never lose our enthusiasm for. When they could also see how they could use Surface to create engaging digital advertising experiences for their clients, and the customers of their clients, the marketers were even more interested. Surface has the power to provide immersive, collaborative experiences that leave people with long-lasting shared emotional connections to their experiences. This is a powerful tool for marketers who are constantly working to achieve branding superiority for their clients.

The fact that Surface can start, continue, or be part of an endpoint experience for online and mobile campaigns makes it an even more alluring proposition in our eyes, and we’re looking forward to engaging more with the marketing community.

We also had some fun at the event. Who could possibly resist the temptations of Luna Park on the way out??

Monday, November 8, 2010

nsync classic edition

Some of the most beautiful applications on the iPad have a very natural feel and texture to them.
Applications such as Calendar and Notes are really a pleasure to use. We have taken this concept and brought you a new version of nsync with a rich dark wooden look and three classic clock styles to choose from, nsync classic edition. Now available in the app store.