Monday, July 26, 2010

Locus version 2 has shipped

Amongst all the buzz around location sharing, twitter showing your location and privacy of your information, nsquared proudly presents version 2 of Locus. Locus lets you share your location with your friends when you want and allows you hide your location when you choose. You can now share with the world via twitter, or share only with select people in your friends list. Putting you in charge of what you share, when you share it and with whom you are sharing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SnapSnap, another iPhone app released

Play Snap with your snaps!

This version of "Concentration" lets you use the pictures you've taken with your iPhone to enjoy this long-time favourite game! Minutes or hours of entertainment in the palm of your hand! Get it now from the AppStore.

The release of iOS4 enabled us to start using the photos in your phone. We see this as a big step in the right direction, enabling applications to access user generated content on the device can make each experience unique to the user.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Surface Business Pack

The nsquared Surface Business Pack consists of three applications designed to enhance the conversation taking place at the Surface unit. The applications are documents, schedules and thoughts. (Thoughts isn’t shown in the video.)

The nsquared documents application allows you to explore and discuss documents being displayed on the screen, these documents can be Word, Excel or Powerpoint files, loaded from a usb key or from a network drive.

Common questions heard at the meeting room table revolve around the schedules of the attendees. The nsquared schedules application presents the Microsoft Exchange calendar of for each attendee as their business card is placed on the Surface. New meetings can be created by simply placing business cards in the center of the screen.

The third application (not shown in in the video) is nsquared thoughts. The nsquared thoughts application enables participants to sketch out their thoughts on a blank canvas and then manipulate shapes and images to organize their thoughts.

These applications can be purchased individually or as a pack, contact us to find out more.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

nsync 1.2 adds clock styles

A new version of our favourite iPad application for organizing meetings in multiple time zones, nync, has just shipped.
nsync 1.2 for the Apple iPad now provides support for multiple clock styles.
After support for a larger number of locations, one of the most requested features was different clock styles.

Now you can simply tap twice on a clock to display a choice of clock styles.

Monday, July 5, 2010

nsquared support for Windows Live SDK

Once again nsquared has been hard at work supporting our friends in Redmond, delivering a series of samples, videos and getting started guides to help developers learn how to use the Messenger Connect Windows Live SDK. Check out the links below and you too can start building applications that connect to Microsoft's vast social networking infrastructure.

Over 500 million people love and use Windows Live services such as Messenger, SkyDrive, and Hotmail. Request and invitation through the following link:

Windows Live Messenger Connect is a collection of APIs and experiences that enable users to communicate, share, and connect with their Messenger friends and Windows Live contacts;

Windows Live Messenger Connect Code Samples - here you will find code samples to help you learn building Messenger Connect applications;

We hope you enjoy learning from our work and we'll update you with more as it happens!