Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update: nsquared makewords on Windows 8. Perfect for the Surface Pro!

We have been working hard here in the nsquared studio to update our FREE educational app on the Windows 8 store - nsquared makewords

This educational game is aimed to help students (aged 3+) with object recognition, differentiation and to improve their recall and spelling. nsquared makewords has the ability to switch between a range of content packs, therefore allowing you to change and download new content as it is released.


- Multi Touch, Multi User (for up to 4 people)
- Drag tiles to spell different animals, objects, flags and more
- Competitive and co-operative learning against the clock

The update features the following:

- Fun music and sound effects
- Better, easier to use layout
- Great visual feedback for incorrect letters and words!
- Reshuffle the letters to make it easier to find the ones you're looking for 
- Use the bottom app bar to choose between vertical and table mode play
Word order in each pack has been randomized for more replay-ability
- Completely revised and updated menu system

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