Sunday, June 30, 2013

Increase customer engagement with nsquared media viewer

Here at nsquared we develop beautifully crafted Kinect for Windows applications that are available for purchase today and customizable with your own content. 

One of our latest Kinect applications, nsquared media viewer, is an innovative solution to display your company’s marketing material and provide your customers with an awesome and memorable user experience.

nsquared media viewer leverages the Kinect for Windows gesture based technology to allow clients to interact with content in an amazing new way. This application is perfectly designed for building lobbies, experience centers, events and corporate locations because it allows guests walk up and within seconds start browsing images and videos by category through a stylish, customizable carousel.

Like all of our Kinect for Windows applications, we empower you with an admin tool to remotely customize and update the content displayed on screen. Our accessible admin tool enables staff to upload, edit and view usage statistics using our unique online content portal from anywhere in the world.

Five key benefits of nsquared media viewer:

1. Display interactive content on almost any digital screen at a fraction of the cost of other solutions

2. Upload, Edit, and view detail usage statistics using the online content portal

3. Integrate social media - configure Twitter hashtags and screen names to display across the screen

4. Innovative, easy to setup and manageable technology

5. Engaging way for your customers to get involved with your brand, while also leaving a lasting impression

If you are interested in using this new technology to increase your company’s brand awareness and customer engagement, please contact us today to find how you can benefit from nsquared media viewer 

USA: +1 206 236 0354  or  AUS: +61 2 9262 3386 or

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