Thursday, June 6, 2013

Purchasing a Samsung SUR40 through nsquared in Australia

The nsquared sales team has just spent the last five full days presenting and demonstrating our software on the Samsung SUR40 at both the Australian CeBit and EduTech conferences. After generating all this excitement, it was only appropriate that we provide our readers with more information on this fantastic piece of hardware, how it could work for you and how you can purchase it today.

Why buy the Samsung SUR40?

This device  has the ability to create instant and deep emotional connections with its users. It does this by allowing them to interact in a social, collaborative manner around a table; by giving them the power to drive and create their own experiences. In the business scenario, once connections have been increased that can build trust, drive up sales, increase referrals and cement customer loyalty. For educators, connections with content drive deeper engagement for students, thus enhancing and enriching their learning experience.

Quick Tech Specs
  • 40’’ Full HD LED Display
  • Object Recognition
  • Multi-touch, multi-user
  • Scratch resistance, heavy duty protective Gorilla Glass (perfect for public spaces)
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet Connections

How it could work for you – Industries and Applications

The Samsung SUR40 has been deployed as an engaging device across a plethora of industries. We have seen businesses, universities, schools, hotels and  retail outlets continue to see quick returns on their investments. As we know, no hardware is useful without software running on it! We have a variety of off-the-shelf products that are ready and can be purchased today. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we have available:

Click Image to Enlarge

Each of these applications can be purchased separately and chosen to meet your needs. Every license of the application is perpetual and includes free updates. For more information on any of the applications listed above, please feel free to visit our website –

How you can purchase it today
The Samsung SUR40 is available here in Australia, it can be ordered directly through us a  and can be delivered to your premises between 3-5 business days once payment has been made. ASK US HOW.

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