Monday, December 9, 2013

You can load PowerPoint files with nsquared thoughts

PowerPoint files are everywhere in the workplace. PowerPoint is used to describe the financial position of a company, the sales pitch for a product, the concept for a new project, and countless other scenarios. With nsquared thoughts you can load those PowerPoint slide decks directly onto your digital table and annotate them as a group. Here some examples of how people are using nsquared thoughts and PowerPoint files:
  1. A sales team discusses how to improve existing presentations around their touch table.
  2. A sales person presents ideas to clients, the clients get involved with directly annotating the slides themselves
  3. A project team incorporates slides from a PowerPoint deck into a conversation involving other sketches on their digital table.
  4. A management team uses slides from their company vision PowerPoint deck to determine the validity of new project proposals.
  5. A financial team uses PowerPoint slides to discuss the quarterly results of their company subsidiaries at their digital table.
  6. An investment team discusses the different pitches they have heard each week and display the PowerPoint slides from each pitch on their table.

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