Friday, July 24, 2015

‘Innovating Collaborative Workflow’ Discussions By The Fireplace at The Porter

'By The Fireplace' Panel: Neil Roodyn, Arabella Macpherson, Lauren Ryder, Domino Risch, Steve Baty

Last night was the very first ‘By The Fireplace’ panel discussion, launching with the topic ‘Innovating Collaborative Workflow’. Distinguished panellists sat by the (strategically flameless) fireplace discussing new ideas in workplace communication best practise and the future of collaboration; covering everything from the impact of emerging technologies to the importance of a strong, strategic workplace culture. Our multi-talented guest speakers on the night were Steve Baty of Meld Studios, Arabella Macpherson of Resonate Communications, Domino Risch of BVN Architecture and Lauren Ryder of Mirvac, MC'd by nsquared’s very own Neil Roodyn. All experts in their respective fields, the night brought about a fiery, incisive discussion about the future of the workplace. 

As well as an elaborate cheese smorgasbord and plenty of wine, the heated panel session was concluded with a networking session, giving everyone an opportunity to share their ideas about communications workflow. See the below photos for brief snippet of the night, and check our Facebook or LinkedIn page next week for more photo action.

The night also featured a DIGITABLE which is permanently housed at The Porter, where guests had the opportunity to see and play with nsquared’s ideas on the future of workplace collaboration. The evening being a roaring success, the second ‘By The Fireplace’ discussion is already in the works. Because of the fantastic turnout, we want to open the doors a bit wider for our next event. We welcome anybody interested in partaking in invigorating discussions around workplace best practise to please contact us. 

We send our thanks out to everyone that attended the event, especially our distinguished panellists. If you have gone home with a new outlook, a new idea or a new contact, it was a successful night. We look forward to seeing everyone next time!

To get in touch with nsquared about any upcoming events, contact us at, or message us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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