Thursday, July 16, 2015

Introducing nsquared media viewer

nsquared media viewer 

nsquared media viewer is a digital signage application which allows the public to browse and discover your content on their own. This week, nsquared launched the latest version of nsquared media viewer complete with hi-res camera support and significant improvements in speed and performance, helping to maintain its position as the leader in engaging interactive digital signage.

Using cutting-edge motion sensing technology, nsquared media viewer’s unique gesture- or touch-controlled interface has transformed the digital sign into an interactive digital signage experience. 

Unlike existing technology, nsquared media viewer is intelligently reactive to the presence of people which means a greater potential to captivate passers-by, getting them pay attention to your content and get your brand noticed.

nsquared media viewer gives total power to the small business owner or franchisee. The intuitive cloud-based content management system means nsquared media viewer is also the simplest way for a client to manage their own videos, images, and website signage without a marketing agency in the middle.

Ideal for real estate agents, travel agents, any consultancy based firm or nearly any retail space, nsquared media viewer eliminates the need for any unnecessary expensive and wasteful brochures.

Interactive signage means immediate results. Interactions with your content are automatically measured and analysed to give feedback in real time. This provides valuable insight into what users respond to, helping better target users in the future. 

nsquared media viewer is a Windows 8.1 application with a free demo download available now. Just visit the website here or go straight to the app download page here.

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nsquared media viewer: simple to use

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