Thursday, September 10, 2015

The One Trick to Skyrocket Your Productivity

Be Active.

Manage Your Energy Levels

Our body is made up of chemicals. We are giant, glorified walking petrie dishes. If you put in the time to ready consider what you are putting into your body and how you are treating your body: what your body responds to, what it doesn’t; then you will see extraordinary effects. Maybe three coffees isn’t as good at improving your productivity in the longer term as it feels like it is. Then again, maybe it is. Keeping account of the food you eat, what hours of the day you feel buzzed and those that you don’t, will help you maintain a consistent energy level the whole day. Suddenly 3pm is as productive as 10am.

Mindful Exercise

Something that has been found to remarkably help people improve productivity is doing 30 minutes of exercise before work begins. The rhythm of a jog creates a mindfulness, preparing people for the day ahead. Already, people have solved problems before they are even in the office. Something you must keep in mind too (and to continue this jogging theme), productivity is a marathon and not a sprint. It is something to work toward, and like a jog, takes effort initially but the fruits will realise themselves quickly enough.

This is not to mention that a daily or even weekly jog will improve your energy levels in the longer term, keeping you alert and energised for the whole day as well as improving your sleeping habits.


Active Workplace

Another way to keep active, employed at a management level, is to upgrade your office from a cubicle farm or open plan office into an Activity Based Workplace (ABW). Rather than sitting people in one place and keeping them confined to one particular work station, ABW is about providing a a variety of office environments to create a more social workplace in order improve collaborative workflow. The range of office environments might include hot desks, more casual relaxed workspaces and central team spaces called “anchor points”, where people can share ideas and host meetings. ABW forces employees to be less sedentary, more active and as a result, more productive and enjoy working more. 


Keeping active is a mindset not only for you but also a mindset for an organisation. At nsquared we design and build for AWB environments, and staying true to our belief, we also work in an active way. Meetings are often walk-and-talks between pairs, and for larger groups, our stand up DIGITABLE PLUS meetings are dynamic and pointed, keeping us constantly moving. To top it off, running seems to be the default mode of nsquared legs, spurring each other on at our daily stand up meetings. An active office is an engaged office.

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