Sunday, November 30, 2008

Live Services in Berlin

Over the last two days nsquared’s James McCutcheon has been presenting with Mike Shughrue from Microsoft on Live Services as part of the "Live Services Jumpstart" tour. The Live Framework is one of the most exciting technology advancements we have seen for a long while - Microsoft has really nailed this SAAS model.

James and Mike have a "Hands on Lab" travelling with them in the Live Services Jumpstart tour so that developers can listen to the presentation and then walk into the lab room afterwards and try out what was discussed. James is busy developing some additional examples which we promise to share, so watch this blog over the coming weeks.

James and Mike will next move to Warsaw where they are looking forward to meeting more developers and spreading the Live Services love. Feel free to grab James and say hello, and tell him what you think of Live Services. To see when they are moving through a town near you, check out the website, and come and say hi!

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