Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cool Toys

nsquared is working with some exciting technology this week that we’d like to share with you (well, at least we can share some of it)… ;)

First, take a look at Windows 7. There are a number of user experience improvements and some brand new innovations to explore. A new task bar includes hot links on the icons for easy access to recent and frequently used documents. The desktop has a new Personalize option that allows for a desktop backgrounds slide show – use the Windows pictures or combine them with your own and control them to rotate on a fixed schedule. When you float your pointer over the task bar, it now shows a mini of every open item, even if there are multiple screens in an application or multiple web page tabs open in the same window.

Next we are working with multitouch screens. These fantastic display screens allow navigation without interaction with the mouse – use your fingers instead! There is even an option to open a keyboard and type right on the screen. If you have a multitouch screen combined with Win7, you can resize the desktop icons by growing them with your fingers, and you can have more than one person interacting with the screen at one time.

We are also working on some projects for Microsoft Surface. nsquared built the Surface hands on labs for the PDC which were very highly rated. The Surface simulator works on the HP TouchSmart multitouch screens allowing us to test some of the multitouch features of Surface at our desktop.Sneak Peak: we are working on some cool proof of concepts for Semblio on Surface , can’t say any more than that for now…

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