Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mixed reality training materials

In a previous post Adding AI to Mixed Reality, we discussed how we have been helping developers add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their mixed reality applications.

The hands-on-labs from these events are now public on the Microsoft Mixed Reality Academy. These labs teach you how to add Microsoft Cognitive Services and Machine learning to a Unity application running on HoloLens, or in Microsoft's Mixed Reality Portal.

One of the attendees of a recent event in Redmond wrote about his experiences at a week-long hack, where teams were formed around specific scenarios. You can read Ryan's thoughts on the event here.

We have been working hard to make this training material available to everyone. To help you get started with mixed reality development and design, you can find our Kindle eBook on Amazon, Developing and Designing for Mixed Reality.

'Developing and Designing for Mixed Reality' eBook

We have also put together a LinkedIn Learning course, Mixed Reality Development Fundamentals.

The labs we have been running to teach developers how to add AI to their mixed reality applictions can be found in the Microsoft Mixed Reality Academy.

We hope you can learn from all this content and build some beautiful mixed reality experiences that incorporate AI.

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