Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Bots Are Coming

How will you interact with the technology in your life in the coming year?

Currently we are forced to interact with computers in unnatural ways. Humans are forced to learn how to use their technology. What if the technology could learn to interact with us on our terms?

This is a future we are building here at nsquared. One of the many ways this future will come true is through the use of conversational agents, also called chat bots, or just bots.

The team at nsquared has been working closely with Microsoft on their Bot Framework,Language Understanding Intelligence System (LUIS), and other machine learning technologies. These technologies enable us to build rich conversational software applications that talk to our customers on the channels they are already using to communicate with each other; Skype, Slack, Facebook, SMS, and others.

At nsquared we have been building Bot applications, as well as training materials to teach developers how to build better conversational bots.

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