Thursday, January 21, 2016

Win10 What's Up!

A few months ago we were approached by Microsoft to build some fun apps to help junior developers take advantage of the awesome new features of Windows 10.

Optical character recognition technology, IoT hub, Raspberry Pi, the Windows Universal Application Platform… we had a lot to cover in a few small applications.

The result is 4 Win10 Quick Starts, 4 awesome apps:
  1. DoorBell. Whodat? Connect to a Raspberry Pi and send a picture of that person at your door straight to your phone. It's so meta.
  3. MusicSync. Never again will you need to synchronise several people in different rooms of your house to hit the play button at the same time. Synchronise music playback through all of your Win10 devices to get the party started. 
  5. CardReader. Throw away that dusty pile of business cards, CardReader automatically transfers them straight into your Windows People app. 
  7. TugOWar. Who is the fastest clicker in the west? Compete against your friends in a heated battle by connecting to up to four Win10 devices.
Test out your coding skills and build something cool, fun and useful. Find them all on the Windows Dev site here.

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