Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five reasons to customise your nsquared education apps.

Did you know that you can add curriculum relevant content to nsquared education apps? 

nsquared’s education admin portal enables you to easily change content in many of the education software applications. 
This means that you can either use the content packs that we create and upload for you, or you can create your own content. 

Libraries and Community centres are using this feature to promote current global and local events in an entertaining and educational way that’s fun for everyone. 
School teachers and school librarians are also using the web based content management tool to easily introduce content that’s relevant to units of learning. 

Some ideas for content you can create:
1. Create a jigsaw puzzle of a picture from your last school field trip.
2. Build a new pack for nsquared makewords to teach the students how to spell words related to your current class project.
3. Help students to recognize items from the latest history lessons by adding them to a game of nsquared snap.
4. Use nsquared missing card to help students solve maths problems.
5. Help the students to remember the artifacts they have been learning about by collecting them in nsquared herding.

“It has the benefit of engaging students who we’d normally see completely disconnected from their learning experiences”
Parramatta Marist College. 

If engaging your students and community members is high on your agenda, visit the nsquared admin portal to add new and exciting content to your software.
Not sure how to get to the admin portal? Take a look in your hints and tips guide, or send the team at nsquared an email at

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