Sunday, August 28, 2011

nsquared seamless computing

The nsquared team in the Sydney studio has been working hard on a new framework for seamless computing. Check out the latest demonstration of their work in this video.

this video shows how Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone 7 and Kinect devices can all be used together to create a seamless computing experience as users move between devices.

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Rod Ferris said...

Great work, I can see a lot of applications for this in the realtor market showing customers units in real-time.. Or even getting this integrated with a very cool website like Zillow to take it a step further.

I'm sure you have your plate full but from a realtors perspective they need to create the whole environment including views. Since you'd have the location you're looking at could you render views? You'd also have the 3D model of the areas you're looking at through bing maps.

I would love to see this being used asap, keep up the good work.