Monday, March 7, 2011

Exchange Server 2003 Compatibility

Today, we're as excited as we are relieved to be able to let everyone know that ntask has made good friends with Exchange Server 2003.

To be fair, when the ntask concept first came to us, we underestimated the number of business users who are still working with Exchange Server 2003 and who also have iPads.
To all of our faithful customers who've waited patiently over the last few weeks, a very big "Thank You!" for your prompt feedback. You should have your updates by now, and we sincerely hope you've started to enjoy the benefits that ntask offers you. We look forward to hearing from you especially if you think it can still be better, too!

To celebrate the latest release, we've dropped the price to USD 2.99 until next Monday. For everyone who's been waiting for the Exchange 2003 compatibility, the time is now. Enjoy!

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