Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our iPhone Translator Talks!

Pssst! We've just heard that our latest iPhone app, Translation Station has been released on the iTunes App Store today, and it'll be free until June 1!

Translation Station2 talks! You asked and we've answered. We know it's hard to pronounce languages just by reading them, so we took advantage of the translation engine's speech offerings. Powered by the same machine translation engine as Microsoft's Bing Translator, Translation Station will translate 31 languages in writing, and will even read the translation back to you in six languages. A talking translator is pretty cool, but the coolest most clever thing, is that when the translation engine updates (by adding written or spoken languages), so will the App. Automatically. No need to update it through the App Store!

It's free for now, but from June 1, you'll need to purchase it, so download yours now!

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