Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Mapping Product Formerly Known as Virtual Earth

What is this? Virtual Earth is now Bing Maps for Enterprise?? Well, except for the long name, it makes sense to us.

With the release of Bing as Microsoft's new search engine, or "decision engine" as one news release called it, it seems timely that Microsoft should condense their branding. Bing Maps for Enterprise is the platform that underlies the Maps portion of Bing. It will also be the new brand name behind the thousands of Virtual Earth maps utilized by businesses worldwide, on their websites, in their solutions, and as part of their applications.

Is this just a change in the watermark, or is there more to it? From my understanding, the API calls will remain the same, using the Virtual Earth references. The terms of use will also remain the same except for the name, so no need to review them again. The only thing Virtual Earth/Bing Maps for Enterprise users need concern themselves with is if they refer to Virtual Earth on their website or have implemented a Virtual Earth logo themselves. These should be changed by September 1, 2009 at the latest.

So have a go - check out and have a look at the new branding.
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