Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apple's Shame

Apple’s Shame Vergüenza de Apple La Honte d’Apple Ντροπή της Apple Vergonha da Apple Die Schande von Apple Vergogna di Apple Позор Apple 蘋果的羞恥感 Apple の真似 De Apple schande العار فى Apple Apple 막상

What were they thinking??!!
How is it that popularizing the abuse and murder of infants is encouraged by Apple, and that learning new languages isn’t?

“Apple needs to get its act together and fast,” says Dr. Neil of nsquared.

Here in the office, we’re agreeing with him whole-heartedly. We’re asking: How can a game that encourages such violence be released for sale to the very demographic that is most at risk of carrying out the behaviour??

This is especially mind blowing when we know that Dr. Neil’s iPhone Translator application is still not approved by Apple because….and wait for it…..users are allowed to enter rude words into the free form translator text entry box.

Hang on a second.. Apple says it ok to encourage the abuse and murder of infants, but it’s not ok to use rude words???

Apple does need to get its act together, and fast.

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