Thursday, March 26, 2009

Translate this! ├╝bersetzen Sie dies! Traduzir isto!

nsquared recently completed a project with Microsoft helping launch the new Windows Live Translator. We wrote two white papers (Getting Started and Getting Started for PHP Developers) and the hands-on lab, and developed a few different sample applications for the product launch.

“Why would I want to use the Microsoft Translator instead of one of the many other translators that are already out there?” you might ask...

The Microsoft Translator is different because:
· It offers four different APIs (Web widget, AJAX, HTTP, and SOAP) that are all simple to use and apply to your web pages or applications.
· The Web Widget is free and can be added to any site, even commercial sites.
· The AJAX API allows greater customization and can easily be added to applications.
· The HTTP API exposes HTTP GET & POST methods, and is technology agnostic.
· The SOAP API enables information to be returned to a third party and you can use your chosen development method.
· The functionality is built on over 10 years of translation research resulting in the most accurate tool available today.

We’ve enjoyed working on this exciting project and hope to see many people benefit from it. Have fun! Amusez-vous bien ! Vermaken!

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