Wednesday, February 11, 2009

nsquared Microsoft Surface Training goes world wide!

So far we have delivered training to a select group of Microsoft partners in the UK, Paris, and this week in Munich. This is the first time any external Surface training has been delivered outside of the USA (and probably outside of Redmond).

The agenda covers a wide range of topics, with focus on the non-technical issues of building magical applications for Microsoft Surface. We cover the following topics:

  • The Surface Vision
  • The Architecture of Surface applications
  • Setting up a Surface device and the out of the box applications
  • Working with the Simulator
  • Integrating with the Surface Shell
  • Designing Surface experiences
  • Using the Surface Controls
  • Vision Recognition with Surface
  • End to end building a Surface application

The course is 50% seminar and discussion, and 50% hands on, with Surface units available to test the code written during the course. It is great to engage with so many Microsoft partners who are getting involved with this new technology. If you are interested in helping to build a Surface application and have it delivered to market, feel free to contact us.

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