Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When is the real June 17?

To be or not to be June 17! The iPhone upgrade release date was much anticipated in our office. We all came in with our phones ready to upgrade, waiting for the new copy and paste feature, the new landscape keyboard, the new ability to MMS, the new MobileMe.... but wait! NOOoooooo! They meant PST. Does the whole world runs on Pacific Standard Time now?

I used to live in Redmond, same time zone as Cupertino, and I guess I just took for granted that the whole world understood that technology time was whatever time it was in PST. Americans can be ever so slightly provincial (I can say that as an American). But now I'm in Sydney, and low and behold, a new realization astounds me. June 17 is today, and this was the date they told us at the APPLE store on George Street and on the world wide web's APPLE web site. What gives?!? Where's my new toys?

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