Monday, June 29, 2009

iPhone Heats It Up!

And not in the usual, sexy, Apple way. Recent reports speak of the iPhone 3G S overheating! This is distressing news for our customers, and our hearts go out to them. Over a million iPhone 3G S phones were sold over the first weekend, and though only a few reports have been made, the problem is severe enough that the beautiful white casing of the iPhone is turning brown on some phones.

At nsquared, we believe that beauty is essential to our creations, but beauty is only skin-deep if functionality is compromised. In no case will we ship a completed product that is not gorgeous AND functional. This is a sad day for Apple, belying their usual enviable standards. We know they will fix the problem asap!

For worldwide help with developing attractive applications for iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Windows 7, and much more, contact nsquared. (Though we are physically located in Australia, our customer base is worldwide.) We look forward to hearing from you!

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