Monday, June 8, 2009

iPhone 3G space S

Hot news flash of the day at WWDC09 (World Wide Developer Conference): Apple releases new iPhone!

The new iPhone 3G S (for Speed) is twice as fast. Messages launched 2.1x faster, viewing attachments 3x faster, etc. The phone also includes a better camera, video taking capabilities, voice control, improved battery life, and more! A new feature called "Find my iPhone" allows you to log into the internet and view where your phone is. You can also remotely wipe the phone if necessary.

According to the keynote, developers have downloaded the iPhone SDK over a million times. nsquared counts for some of those - just wait and see what we have in the works for iPhone! We are hard at work on a couple of apps and will tell you more when we can. Have your own idea you need help implementing? Feel free to contact us!

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