Thursday, June 25, 2009

What is sexy?

Everyone knows sex sells... Apple obviously knows that in their attractive designs. But in the words of Snoop Dogg, "Drop it like it's hot" seems to be more of the attitude these day when apps cross the libidinous line, even with the iPhone 3.0's parental restriction capabilities.

Where's the line one may wonder? Where should it be? You can shake apps to see a girl's clothes fall off, partially anyway. Do we want to be able to view the whole bod? I mean, we were all born naked, right? Sex is undeniably a wonderful part of life worth celebrating. But maybe showing less and leaving some to the imagination is sexier? An age old question...

Here in Australia at nsquared, we like sex! Our aim is always to create gorgeous, sexy software - not in a pornographic sense, but in that beautiful, titillating sense that leaves people wanting more. Do you have sexy ideas you want help developing? We are here for you!

p.s. iPhone 3G S was released today in Australia, hooray!

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