Thursday, June 18, 2009

nsquared's Seriously Sexy Surface Software

In an article on June 11 entitled Lonely Planet snaps up Microsoft’s sci-fi computer, Asher Moses described Lonely Planet as being the “first local company to harness Microsoft’s radical new Surface coffee table-computer…” Microsoft evangelist Shane Morris goes on to say, “Lonely Planet is the first Australian brand to start seriously exploring what you can do with Surface.”

This information is so factually deprived that it borders on slander.

Lonely Planet is NOT the first in Australia. Two reasons this article is mistaken:
1. Sydney based nsquared solutions has been developing Surface applications since the birth of the company in April, 2008. Dr. Neil, our CEO, was working with Surface applications before that and partnering with the US Microsoft Surface team. Dr. Neil has been responsible for ALL of the Surface training throughout Europe in 2008 and 2009. We have developed more than 12 separate, completely functional games and applications for Surface.
2. The Lonely Planet application is not going to be released in their Sydney store, so what is even the Australian connection, aside from the fact that the application just happened to be demonstrated at Australian REMIX 09?

We take exception to this nonsense. In addition to our history of developing Surface applications on our own, nsquared recently partnered with After-Mouse, a French based company and European leader in tactile technology development. After-Mouse was voted Microsoft Startup of the Day on May 15, 2009.

The following is a list of applications created by nsquared for Surface.
· The Chemistry App
· The Circuit App
· nsquared Numbers
· nsquared Letters
· Surface Says
· nsquared Snap
· Herding
· Word Play
· Where in the World
· Missing Card
· Name It

nsquared is continuing to innovate and develop natural user interfaces employing touch and vision systems with many more announcements to come.
As always, please contact us if you need help implementing your Surface ideas at

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