Thursday, May 28, 2009

Translator on your iPhone?

Imagine landing in a foreign country with the luxury of a Translator in your iPhone and at your fingertips?

Sounds handy, doesn’t it? But for now Apple’s iPhone group is saying that you’ll have to wait.
This clever piece of software has been developed by our very own Dr. Neil using Microsoft Translator Services. It allows owners to input text in any of the supported languages and to have the text returned in the supported language of choosing.

Coupled with the iPhone’s multilingual keyboards this app is as handy as they come and will prove to be exceptionally useful for business travelers, holiday makers and those of us who are just plain inquisitive.

The trouble is, the iPhone Translator app has been vetoed by the App Store because it allows users to input “rude” words into the free form text box. So, for now at least, no matter how much you really want it, you’re going to have to wait at least until Apple takes another look, or until the app is upgraded so that it recognises rude words in all of the 14 supported languages and refuses to let you enter them.

The iPhone Translator app might not be all your dreams come true, but if not we’d like to help you make them happen. Take a look at what we do at

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