Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Top Secret Revealed!

nsquared is proud to announce the completion of yet another top secret project!

nsquared partnered with Microsoft to aid John L. Scott Real Estate (a major US real estate company) in bringing Windows Live Services to their web site. John L. Scott was looking for a way to attract users and agents by providing a unique service unlike any other real estate company. nsquared put together various samples and documentation on how to implement the Live Services and helped create JLSConnect.

JLSConnect utilizes the software-plus-services approach where a Silverlight browser plug-in on user desktops combines with web-based services to allow consumers to share and exchange comments about real estate properties with others. This innovative solution takes advantage of Windows Live ID to sign into the site, Windows Live Messenger to chat live, Windows Live Presence to see who is online, and Microsoft Virtual Earth to help users visualize locations.

Check out the Microsoft case studies at here and here for more information.

Let us know if YOU need help with Windows Live, and remember we are good at keeping secrets! :)

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