Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Touch the Surface of Computing with Service Pack 1

The release of Surface 1.0 Service Pack 1 was announced today by Microsoft at TechEd in the US. nsquared is particularly excited about this since we have had hands on experience with the new technologies. Some of our favorite ehhancements are:
  • Contact Visualization - Am I pressing hard enough? Well, Surface senses you through vision, not touch, and now you will have visual feedback so you will know when Surface is processing your interactions, (or "contacts").
  • Keyboard Localization - The soft keyboard now defaults to the language of the user (based on the shell that has been set up for each unit). Instead of seeing an English keyboard, you will see the keyboard relative to your language if you speak Italian, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, or Danish.

  • LibraryContainer Controls - Arrange data in an organized way, for example, have photos appear in different collections on the Surface instead of just scattered about.

  • ElementMenu - Elements can each have their own menu. For example, a photo can have options to delete or show like photos, etc. in a menu that shows up when you are interacting with just that photo.

nsquared has been heavily involved in Surface training and education. Contact us to bring a training session to your town!

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