Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mixing and Matching it with Surface

Mixing it up on his second to last engagement of what has been a busy nsquared training month, Dr. Neil has been doing what he does best -not just touching the future of computing, but getting his hands all over it. NUIs are in and GUIs are now passé……

In the Netherlands for the MIX Essentials conference, Dr. Neil led a number of Microsoft Surface Development workshops for MIX participants where he demonstrated the unique features of Microsoft Surface. Dr. Neil also tried something new - instead of plain old PowerPoint slides, he used the actual Surface device and projected the content onto a screen for all to see.

Dr. Neil regularly encourages developers to write with the distinctiveSurface NUI (Natural User Interface) features in mind and with the express intention of inspiring users to get involved with and enjoy the new opportunities that Surface presents. Perhaps the point he is making is that developers shouldn’t be working around the Surface development platform characteristics, but rather, working with the unique features to create the incredibly rich and wondrous user experiences that Surface can provide. “Surface is meant as a Natural User Interface,” said Dr. Neil, “so your apps had better adhere to that”.

Here's our challenge to you - what can do with Surface? If you possess WPF skills, you're set to go! Check out the Surface website.
Picture of Neil presenting Surface credited to Jeroen of the Netherlands at

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