Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sealing Their Lips

What's up with Apple?? So many articles out there about iPhone silencing Google Voice, a service that helps people manage their communication. The issue is even trending on Twitter!

While Apple obviously has every right to allow or disallow applications from their App Store, should they exploit that right so ridiculously? What does it say about them? The worst part is that they won't give a reason. This frustrating article published by Riverturn, the creators of the Google Voice VoiceCentral app for iPhone, highlights Apple's bad manners and mediocre public relations on the matter.

We've always made our support for Apple clear at nsquared. Though they initially rejected our Translation Station app, we were able to reason with them in the end. We sincerely wish good luck to the makers of Voice Central and GV Mobile, and to Google. And to Apple we say - unseal thy lips.

At nsquared we are prepared to build on any platform, not just Apple and iPhone. So if you want help producing an application without the danger of being silenced by Apple, we would love to help! Contact us!

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