Monday, July 13, 2009

Multi-User Chat Room Released!

nsquared's managedchatroom is the simplest and fastest way to put a chat room on your web site! Just follow the instructions on

Our chat room is ideal for web site chats of all sizes. Even use it for live events! From small classroom lectures to extra-large functions, the chat room is perfect. The audience can use the chat room to communicate with other attendees and the speaker can moderate the communication in real time.

Some of the nsquared managedchatroom features include:

  • Scales no matter how many users participate (the chatroom automatically creates new rooms within the ‘chatroom’ as each room reaches capacity, thereby preventing thousands of people from trying to talk at once in one room)
  • Contains a complete moderator toolset that includes broadcasting to all rooms within the chatroom, merging rooms, setting the room topic/name, moving users between rooms, banning users, making users moderators, private messaging users, and answering questions asked privately to moderators
  • Anyone with a LiveID can sign in and have their own unique name (there is no need to go through a separate signup process to chat)
  • Offers guest access with anti-bot random generated code
  • Contains a profanity filter
  • Enables easy placement of the chatroom frame into any format that accepts regular HTML
  • The chatroom is unique to the web site it is placed upon and cannot be replicated on any other site due to LiveId authentication
  • Chatroom owners have access to a web control panel where they can view and moderate all of the users that have accessed the chatroom

Check it out for a free 2-hour trial period!

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Anonymous said...

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