Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Microsoft Build 2017 Conference In Seattle, Washington State

Only a few more sleeps till the exciting (well we find it exciting) Microsoft Build 2017 conference in Seattle, Washington State, to kick off on May 10th to 12th.

Dr Neil Roodyn will be attending deep technical sessions, learning new technologies and getting advance notice of Microsoft’s new plans. 

He will be meeting and learning, from more than 5,000 developers in the industry, from all over the World and yes, the place will be a buzz with it’s own tech speak.

The Build up is underway. Announcements are thick and fast. You can feel the excitement. We’ve had updates to Cognitive Services that help developers build apps that understand people and the world around us.  The current SDK for the Windows Creators Update feature was shipped. Also announced Azure Managed Disks and VM scale sets, for ease of use and scale benefits to PaaS to IaaS developers.

Microsoft Build 2017, May 10-12 in Seattle, in person or Live Streamed will teach you as developers, how to put these latest and coming innovations to create:

·       AI-powered apps we have yet to imagine
·       Apps that make your customers more productive
·       Cutting edge, intelligent cloud apps
·       Mixed-reality experiences
·       Mobile experiences for nearly any device
·       Simplified end-to-end development ops experiences

There will be keynotes, deep technical sessions, hackathons and opportunities to collaborate and code with your fellow technologists and engineers. 

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a developer.
 Click here to watch the conference via live stream

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