Thursday, May 4, 2017

Git Event

Tripti Wani who is a team member here at nsquared attended a learn to git event in the Microsoft Store in the Sydney CBD on the 27th April.
She joined the Women Who Code Sydney for food and drinks (kindly provided by the Microsoft Azure  dev. team) followed by a hands-on workshop on the essentials of Git.
She started off for a dinner at the ChatThai in Westfield, where attendees caught up and the first timers were introduced and soon jumped into the conversations. Needless to say everyone hit it off.
The event then moved to the Pitt St Microsoft Store and for the next 2 and ½ hours, attendees experienced Git commands and how to use them in the terminal, and the use of applications like SourceTree and Git Extensions.
Attendees learnt how to:
• work with Git
• clone a repository 
• create a branch and with those
• commit changes  
• push changes
• merge origin masters
• merge back into master 

• resolve merge conflicts 
• push your changes to origin 

.. and just understand what all the above means…
All that attendees needed was a laptop, background knowledge of Git and that it's used for version control. But no programming experience was required.
Tripti thoroughly recommends anyone to come and attend the next event. It only takes a few hours of your time which goes by so fast, but you still seem to be so much in a relaxed social atmosphere.
For more information from the event click here

Here are some of Tripti's photos from the event:


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