Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You can send content from your iPad to nsquared presenter screens

The Apple iPad is found in many meeting rooms being clutched by individuals as their life support systems. The iPad contains their email, calendar, and a range of other important business documents. Yet in a meeting the iPad represents an isolating and personal device. With nsquared presenter digital tables, interactive touch screens and presentation screens can display content from an iPad to be shared with the group for discussion.
Here some examples of how people are using nsquared presenter and iPads:

  • A sales person keeps a range of product images on their iPad and shares the relevant images on a digital table with customers as required.
  • A sales team collates ideas from their personal devices to a digital table to create a new presentation.
  • Students collect research materials on their iPads and then gather around their digital table in the library to create group projects. 
  • A teacher shares question sheets from their iPad to the digital table for a group of students to discuss and answer.
  • A designer shares sketches from their iPad with clients around a touch table.
  • A project team share progress reports from their iPads to the digital table in their meeting room in their weekly status meetings.

Sharing content from iPad to digital tables using nsquared presenter

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